About the Georgian Association Of Guides

Founded in March 2010, Georgian Association of Guides (SAGA) is a non-governmental organization, created according to the Georgian codex, noncommercial legal representation, aiming to help Tourist Guides around Georgia to get connected with employers as well as increase opportunities regarding direct bookings, to solve problematic issues, to set-up a platform for national and international practical trainings, to work on recommendations related to Georgian and International Standards and their implementation.

We believe this is the way to achieve success and stability. SAGA is a Member of “WFTGA”- World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (since April 2010); ICC (International Chamber of Commerce); GCCI (Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and EPAC (Economic Policy Advocacy Coalition). The Georgian Association of Guides supports certified professional Tourist Guides working throughout Georgia. The association provides professional development, networking, and training opportunities for its members, connects its members with the wider tourism industry, and cooperates with the Georgian National Tourism Administration and other National and International Partners to increase awareness, promote and strengthen the tourist guide profession in Georgia.

One of the biggest achievements of SAGA was hosting the 18th WFTGA Convention in Tbilisi, Georgia. Right of hosting International WFTGA Convention SAGA gained in Tehran, Iran, in 2017 with competitors such as: New York and Thailand. During the 3 weeks of Convention, we hosted over 300 International participants, Tourist Guides and Tourism professionals from 57 Countries. Together with promoting Georgia on the world travel map, the primary goal of this conference was to bring together global Tourist Guides and tourism professionals as well as friends and partners from around the world in an open dialogue, under one roof to discuss the issues facing our profession and to create better strategies for a better development.

More information regarding 18th WFTGA Convention Tbilisi, Georgia can be found here.

SAGA has worked with various donor, governmental and non-governmental organizations regarding professional development projects in different regions of Georgia, such as: Svaneti, Upper and Lower Imereti, Racha etc. Database has been created for local professionals from regions, who are eager to share their passion towards those regions with their guests.

More information regarding our activities in regions and database of regional Tourist Guides can be found here

SAGA unites:

  • Up to 90 full members;
  • More than 50 regional members;
  • 20 National Trainers, trained and accredited by WFTGA.

Together, we are working to create high quality service available in Georgia, making it easy for the potential employers and/or independent visitors to communicate Tourist Guides directly through the open database and make your visit here in Georgia unforgettable.