Frequently asked questions

What does it mean to be a SAGA Certified Guide?

Being a SAGA Certified Guide means that a person has successfully passed the 3 qualifying examinations that demonstrate their competencies in the areas of Georgian History & Culture, Guiding Skills & Communication, and Tour Planning.  The three exams include a practical walking tour, written examination, and transportation tour exam. The SAGA Certification currently represents the highest level of certification that a guide can obtain in Georgia and is highly trusted through industry partners as well as potential employers.

How do I become a SAGA Certified Guide?

All guides working throughout Georgia are eligible for membership with the Georgian Association of Guides. In order to become a SAGA Certified Guide, you will need to pass the 3 examinations which demonstrate your competencies as a guide. After successfully completing the exams, you will need to complete an application for membership and pay the 100 GEL annual membership fee.

What are the benefits of being a SAGA Certified Guide?

SAGA Certified Guides enjoy a number of benefits from being a member of the Georgian Association of Guides. The association offers professional trainings for its members,  provides access to the extensive network of tourism agencies, hotels, restaurants, and other partners of the association, and enjoy free marketing from the association

What if I am unable to pass the Georgian Association of Tourist Guides Certification Exams?

The Georgian Association of Tourist Guides Certified Guides represent the highest qualified guides working in the tourist field in Georgia. If you are unable to pass the certifying examinations, it’s recommended that you attend tour guiding courses in order to improve your knowledge and skills as a guide. The association has a number of partnering guiding schools which it can recommend. After improving your knowledge of the profession, you can once again apply to take the examinations.

When are examinations conducted and how can I register?

SAGA Membership examinations are being conducted twice per year, during early Spring and late Autumn, while Touristic Season in Georgia is being relatively low. Entering up in the candidate list is possible during the whole year, by leaving your contact information to the SAGA Administration via visiting in the office, phone call or written form through our official email and Facebook page. Official registration will be proceeded 2 weeks prior to the exams, via online form. 

Who can become a member of Georgian Association of Guides?

In order to apply for Georgian Association of Guides membership status, it is mandatory for a candidate to:

  • Be a Citizen of Georgia, or have a Residence Permit;
  • Have a Georgian language competency besides foreign language knowledge;
  • Be at least 18 years old.