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A Professional tour guide, certified here in Georgia, Zaza will make your travel interesting and enjoyable as he takes you through the ancient kingdoms of Colchis and Iberia and marges them with the modern Georgian hospitality and pride. A country of diverse regions, histories and cuisines, Zaza will entertain you from Kakheti to Adjara, from Svaneti to Tusheti, introducing you to the traditions, folklore, wines and dishes you may desire. Mskheta, the ancient capital city and Old Tbilisi, the historical capital city, will open their doors for you as Zaza leads you through the myths and legends of their beginnings to the additions of today's world. Together with you, he will craft adventures across the mountains, choosing visits that lead high above Mestia, into the caves of Vardzia, through the histories and spiritualism of David Gareji, Djvari Monastery, Sameba Cathedral and much much more. With Zaza, your tour will become an unforgettable experience filled with the magic of Georgia. 


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Samtskhe-Javakheti Mtskheta-Mtineti Tbilisi Inner Kartli Lower Kartli Kakheti Imereti Adjara Guria Racha-Lechkhumi Lower Svaneti Samegrelo Upper Imereti Upper Svaneti Khevsureti Khevi Tusheti

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