WFTGA Training in Georgia - May, 2018

WFTGA Training in Georgia - May, 2018

WFTGA Hands on Tourist Guiding and Train the Trainer has successfully finished in Georgia
We care about quality and that‟s why we have invited 1 International and 2 Lead International Trainers here, in Georgia, to train English and Russian
speaking Georgian Tourist Guides. 

Firstly, in December 2017, Gennadiy Chudnovets LIT, conducted WFTGA training programme for 12 Russian Speaking Guides. As a result, the Georgian
Association of Guides now has 12 WFTGA Certified Russian speaking Tourist Guides including 10 new WFTGA National Trainers.

In April 2018 Kaliope Panou (International Trainer) and Steve McAuley ( Executive Board member , Lead International Trainer and Head of WFTGA Training Division) visited Tbilisi and held HOT and TtT for English speaking Tourist Guides. The first course was finished successfully by all participant. And now, the Georgian Association of Guides has 13 WFTGA Certified English speaking Tourist Guides including 12 new WFTGA National Trainers.
We want to say Big Thank You to our Sponsor – the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA). 

At the end of the 2nd Training, the head of the GNTA, Mr. Giorgi Chogovadze and the President of the Georgian Guides Association, Ms. Ketevan Meladze congratulated all the trainees and handed out all the certificates to the participants.

Big Thanks to WFTGA Executive Board and Training Division for sharing their professionalism and experience with our Tourist Guides!